Tom Kenyon
Tom Kenyon's work in brain/mind
re-education is a scientifically based
art form that transforms consciousness
in rapid and elegant ways.

2008 Teaching Schedule

Tom Kenyan in Burma temple

Chanting beside this ancient Buddha, I was suddenly moved by a sense of the innumerable sentient beings that have lived before me.

Their names and their lives forgotten, their dreams and passions are no more.

They have passed into the great emptiness, as will we all.

Beyond the veils of existence and non-existence, in the depths of our own minds, there is a realm of peace and comfort, unaffected by the ever-changing world of duality.

In the Mirror of Great Perfection, there is nothing we need do to create it, and nothing we need do to find it. It is always there, as close as our breath and often revealed when we commit the simplest acts of loving kindness.

Tom Kenyon

Workshops and Tours at a Glance:

A Magdalen Alchemical Tour, France May 13th – 23rd

Tantric Intensive, Bali August 13th – 26th

Hathor Intensive, Seattle October 31st – November 2nd

The Siddhis, Orcas November 6th – 9th

Details for these events can be found below.

How To Contact Us:

The best way to contact us is through email:
You may also leave a message with our answering service, 360-376-5781, but emails get a faster response since Tom and Judi are out of the country most of this year.

Deposits and payments for both workshops and tours can be sent to:

Tom Kenyon
PO Box 98
Orcas, WA 98280 USA


Balancing the Scales of Maat: The Inner and Outer Kingdoms
Tour 1: February 8th – February 23rd
Tour 2: February 27th – March 13th
Both tours are full. Contact our office if you want your name placed on the waiting list.
Contact: or 360-376-5781


Budapest, Hungary
Resurrection: A Magdalen Event
March 23, 2008, Easter Sunday
A one-day experiential event with Tom Kenyon and Judi Sion
When: Easter Sunday, March 23rd
Where: Budapest, Hungary

Vienna, Austria
The Divine Doorway
March 29 – 30, 2008
A two-day workshop with Tom Kenyon on the use of mantras and chants as portals to the numinous (light filled) realms of being. Highly experiential.
When: March 29th – 30th
Where: Vienna, Austria
Contact: Burgi Sedlek,


Entering the Portal of Isis: An Alchemical Retreat with Mary Magdalen
Facilitated by Tom Kenyon and Judi Sion

May 13 – 23, 2008

“We undertake a holy journey. In this sense of the word, holy means to “make whole.” It has nothing to do with dogma or religion. It has to do with remembering (re-membering) yourself. We shall accomplish this task by visiting places in southern France where the energies of previous times are still strong. In our private group work, we will enter into the mysteries of Isis, and the practices of Alchemy to transform awareness. On the outer, Judi and Tom, together, shall lead the tour. On the inner, I shall be present in every moment. I thank you for listening to your heart, for it is through your heart that you are called, and it is through your heart that I shall listen.” —Mary Magdalen

In this tour of southern France, we will enter into the deeper mysteries of alchemy and its applications to spiritual illumination.

The outer form of this tour will be a gentle weaving of visits to power spots in the area, juxtaposed to the internal work of personal alchemy. We will undertake this alchemy through the use of specific meditations, interactions with devic forces within the land, essential oils and catalytic sound — all of which will be directed by Magdalen.

The bulk of our alchemical work will be done in private, in keeping with the ancient injunction “To Remain Silent.” Thus, even though we will visit places of power in the area, we will not do our work there. It will be done behind closed doors at the retreat center, which is near the center point of the scared geometry that surrounds Rennes le Chateau.

According to Magdalen, there are crystalline structures deep in the mountains here, and they act as energy attractors for many types of light beings. Due to this high intensity of crystalline structure, certain types of work are amplified in the area. For one, emotional work is greatly enhanced due to the fact that what has been hidden in one’s self is often brought to the surface. This “emotional purification” is a result of the undulating energetic movements in this valley, especially in the area of Rennes le Chateau. The other level of work is healing. Physical regeneration and rejuvenation are possible here at a deep level. Connections to the elementals (devic forces) and to the angelic realms are much easier here because there are many types of energy beings who reside in this area.

The land also holds “energetic libraries” that were planted here by the Gnostics and the great alchemists who have lived in this region for centuries. This is why there will be many opportunities to just walk and “be with” the land.

Due to the fact that this form of alchemy is such a radical evolutionary catalyst, only those desiring profound spiritual transformation should consider attending. You do not need to have experience with alchemy per se. However, an understanding and appreciation for psychological boundaries, emotional maturity, self-responsibility, and a good sense of humor are required.

When: May 13-23, 2008
Where: Southern France
Cost: 4,000.00 Euro (tour is priced and payable in Euros)

Note: As of this printing, the primary retreat center at Rennes le Chateau is full. There is space on the tour for those willing to stay close by, and travel to and from the main retreat center in your own rental car. Please contact the office if you would like to be on a waiting list for the main retreat facility, or if you’re called to join the tour and stay at the nearby facility and rent a car, which affords great independence.

Pre-registration: Send a check for $743.88 US (500 Euro) made payable to Tom Kenyon, PO Box 98, Orcas, WA 98280. Your check will be put into an Escrow Account and you will be sent further details about this tour including a list of questions. Upon acceptance into the tour, you will be sent a Letter of Agreement. When you sign and return the Agreement, your deposit becomes non-refundable and non-transferable. Up to that point, all deposits are refundable at any time. If you are attending from another country, email us for bank wire instructions.

Additional Information About the France Tour
During our France journey this year we will spend time in St. Maries de la Mer and at Rennes le Chateau. The retreat center in Rennes le Chateau is chosen because it is the closest we can get into the heart of the most exacting natural sacred geometry on Earth, and according to Magdalen, “Geometry compels energy.” And so spending time in the heart of the sacred geometry of Rennes le Chateau compels change. Issues are literally extruded from the soul and we are left with nothing else but to look at them and deal with them.

“The other level of work to be done specifically in this valley is healing. Physical regeneration is possible here at a deeper level than is possible almost anywhere else. There is also a deep connection to the elementals. And a connection to the angelic realms is much easier here because there are many colonies, many beings who reside in this area. And the principles of alchemy that were held by the Gnostics and the great alchemists who have lived here for thousands of years—their knowledge is locked into the land and held by certain groups of these beings, so it is possible to connect into vast fields of knowledge regarding alchemy and the Gnostic knowledge, which is why I call this area Graduate School.” —Mary Magdalen

Logistics: Due to the extraordinary nature of this tour, we are putting more information online, to help you determine if this tour is for you before you apply.

We only travel with people who have an appreciation of boundaries and self-responsibility so that everyone attending can attain the highest possible growth, and not be held back by one person whose level of need is overwhelming. To this end, Magdalen has prepared a series of questions and we present your answers directly to her. She will determine if this tour is appropriate for you at this time, and if she recommends that you not attend, it is not a personal reflection of who you are. It simply means that at this time, this is not an appropriate journey for you.

The retreat center at Rennes les Chateau is full at this point. It is very small and can only sleep around 25 people. We can take up to 40 people on the tour and so anyone joining us at this point will stay at satellite facility nearby and come and go in their own rental car.

Driving is very easy in this part of France and there are many benefits to having your own vehicle. In the morning anyone staying at another location simply drives over for breakfast and spends the day with us. When we take day trips to Cathar and Templar sites, you ride in the big bus with us. (If someone drops out of the small retreat center, the next person in line is invited to move into that space.) We have managed this tour this same way every time we’ve gone to France and many people prefer the privacy and independence this affords them. At this point, we do not have plans for another tour of France.

You are responsible for your own flight into Montpelier Airport in southern France. The bus simply meets everyone at that airport at a specified time, to be announced when we determine what time most flights will arrive. We will gladly put you in touch with an excellent travel agent who can help you arrange a flight to this small, sweet airport.

If there are other questions, you may email us at

You can also leave a voice message at 360-376-5781, and someone will call you back as soon as possible. If you are clear you would like to apply, send us a check for $743.88. (This is 500 Euro converted to US dollars as of January 14, 2008.) Checks are payable to Tom Kenyon and should be marked as “deposit for France tour.” Your deposit will be placed in as escrow account and you will be sent further details about the tour, including a list of questions. Upon acceptance into the tour, you will be sent a Letter of Agreement. When you sign and return the Agreement, your deposit becomes non-refundable and non-transferable. Up to that point, all deposits are refundable at any time. If you are coming from Europe or another country and don’t have checks, email us for bank wire instructions.


Devi Shakti Tantra: An Intensive with Tom Kenyon
August 13 – August 26, 2008

This psycho-spiritual intensive is an intense form of inner yoga by which we will conjoin the male and female energies of our own consciousness through both inner and outer rituals as well as through sound meditations based upon the use of mantras and Tom’s catalytic sound work.

The alchemical joining of male and female in this type of yoga, takes place within various chakras (energy points) within our subtle bodies. Thus, this form of tantra does not involve outer physical or sexual contact. So if you are hoping to experience sexual tantra as it is often taught in the Europe, this is not the intensive you are looking for. Rather this is a journey into the depths of our own psycho/spiritual natures through the portal of yogic deities.

These deities are, at their most subtle aspect, expressions of fundamental forces within the cosmos and within the human psyche. To work with these deities within this context is to unleash a tremendous power or shakti that resides within one’s own consciousness.

Specifically, we will work with the tantric unions of Brahma and Saraswati, Vishnu and Lakshami as well as Shiva and Parvati. We will also work with the tutelary deities of Ganesha and Kali. We undertake this yoga in one of the motherlands of tantra itself—the remarkable island of Bali, which is permeated by primal energies that greatly facilitate this type of tantra. In addition to the intense inner work we will undertake, this tour will afford us many opportunities to experience the rich culture that is Bali.

When: August 13 – 26, 2008
Where: Bali Cost: $6,000 (not including airfare)
Pre-registration: To hold a place in this tour, send a $1500 deposit made payable to Tom Kenyon, PO Box 98, Orcas, WA 98280. Note: Deposits and payments into Bali must be made earlier than usual. Thus, a deposit of $1500 USD is required to reserve your space in this tour. Deposits for this tour are immediately sent to the tour operator and thus all deposits and payments are non-refundable and non-transferable for any and all reasons. The number of participants is limited to 30 persons plus staff.
Contact: or 360-367-5781

Seattle, Washington

The Stairway of Illumination: A Hathor Intensive
October 31 – November 2, 2008

In this three-day Intensive, we will enter into the mystery of the body/mind/spirit connection. Our focus of attention will be on the subtle energetics of our endocrine system, which consists of seven glands crucial to physical health and, according to many esoteric teachings, to our spiritual illumination as well. We will use a variety of means to explore the inner worlds of perception that open before us when we work with these glands and the energy-fields to which they correspond. Specifically we will use meditation, inner communication with our bodies, and the catalytic sounds of the Hathors through Tom’s nearly four-octave range voice to impart healing and ascension energies to this vital area of our being.

According to the Hathors, the seven endocrine glands are like seven steps in an energetic series, (stairway), which lead up to the pineal gland (the 7th step). This stairway then moves up to the crown chakra (the thousand-petalled lotus) where personal identity merges with the universal transpersonal aspects of being. From this esoteric view, the last step in the stairway of personal identity is the pineal gland, and it is the culminating bioelectric-quantum-circuit of the endocrine system.

The pineal gland is actually wrapped around a type of biological-crystal, and one of its functions (according to the Hathors) is as an antenna for spiritual “light” and spiritual information. Purification and activation of the pineal gland is crucial within esoteric understanding to prepare oneself for the ascension of consciousness. Ascension, in this sense of the word, simply means the elevation of personal consciousness to the higher planes of spiritual vibration. It does not mean the ascension of the body out of physical embodiment.

When: October 31 – November 2, 2008
Where: Double Tree Suites, Southcenter, Seattle, WA
Cost: $395 ($495 at the door)
Pre-registration: In order to secure your space in this workshop, send a $150 non-refundable, non-transferable deposit made payable to Tom Kenyon, PO Box 98, Orcas, WA 98280. This workshop is part of the Alchemical School under the Egyptian High Alchemy lineage.
Contact: or 360-376-5781

Orcas Island, Washington

The Siddhis
November 6 – 9, 2008

This is a four-day intensive Retreat in the meditation practice of the siddhis, and a potent immersion into the siddhic realms of being. The siddhis, themselves, are attributes or powers of consciousness that all humans possess (in potential). According to the siddhic lineage, these powers spontaneously appear within the yogi or yogini as he or she traverses the spiritual path. The purpose of the meditation is not to force the manifestation of yogic powers, but rather to prepare the ground of being so that the seeds of our innate powers can blossom sooner. Although the outcomes may be similar, the methodologies are vastly different.

Thus, those interested in this training need to understand the context within which it is given. This Intensive does not impart yogic powers. Rather it shows you how to cultivate the tree and the root of your own life by making contact with your own innate creative powers (Ananda Brahma, meaning the bliss of creation).

Tom imparts knowledge of the siddhis through a union of scientific information about the brain during meditative states, and Initiation into the shakti of siddhic masters. This joining of the western and eastern perspectives opens a rich territory for self-discovery that leads to a quicker mastery of the meditation.

No previous meditation experience is necessary, although some would be helpful.

Traditionally, this is one of Tom’s most popular Retreats and usually has a long waiting list due to the fact that the venue has a limited meeting space. Early registration is strongly advised, as the island is also a popular resort destination. The siddhis is the cornerstone of the Alchemical School, so if participation in the school is of interest, this is a highly recommended course, and early registration is highly recommended. When the course fills, we will maintain a waiting list by date of pre-registration deposit received.

When: November 6th – 9th
Where: Outlook Inn, Eastsound, Washington
Cost: $795 (pre-registration is required)
Pre-registration: To hold your place in this Retreat, send a $150 non-refundable, non-transferable deposit made payable to Tom Kenyon, PO Box 98, Orcas, WA 98280. This workshop is part of the Alchemical School under the Hindu/Tibetan lineage.
Contact: or 360-376-5781

A note regarding workshops in 2009
Tom is planning to, once again, teach the Five-day Sound Healing Training over Labor Day weekend in 2009 (September 3-7, 2009).