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Tom Kenyon's work in brain/mind
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Tom Kenyon’s 2014 Teaching Schedule

Regarding My Work

I am not a guru, nor do I believe in the encrustation of spiritual dogma.

I do not believe solely in the abstract ideas of things, but rather, also, in the lightning rod of direct experience, which I view as an indispensable midwife to wisdom.

For me, music and sound (including all forms of vibration) are both the language and underlying architecture of the cosmos. 

As a result of this personal conviction, “catalytic sound” plays an important and critical role in all of my workshops and recordings.

At a mythic level, it is on the wings of sound that I temporarily take on the role of a Ghandarva (a celestial musician). Through this mythic “dreamtime” reality, I assist others to open their own doorways into expanded states of being.

Tom Kenyon

A Note Regarding My 2015 Sabbatical:

After the Orcas Retreat (October 3 – 5), I will begin a personal sabbatical for at least a year. During this period I will not teach workshops or conduct Retreats. I may do a few presentations at professional conferences, but these will be few and far between.

This period of introspection is vital both to my own personal growth and to a re-clarification of my relationship to the Work. As a result, this hiatus from teaching will have a rhythm and a timing of its own.

In order to be true to the intent of this embryonic phase, I cannot set a date for when I might actually return to teaching workshops. If I might use a metaphor here… this personal sabbatical from teaching is a type of psycho-spiritual pregnancy, and as with all pregnancies, it is usually best not to rush a birthing.

I sincerely wish to thank those of you who have participated in past workshops as well as those of you who plan to join me in 2014. I say this because it has been honor to work with such dedicated fellow travelers into the Great Mystery.

During this period I will continue to post Hathor Planetary Messages as they become available, and I plan to write a series of in-depth articles on a variety of topics regarding personal transformation, brain development, self-healing, Radical Buddhism and Quantum Psychology. It is also my intention to make available previously unreleased recordings from several past workshops and Intensives. All of this material will be posted on our website.

This new content will be announced via email. If you have signed up to receive Personal Notifications from me you will automatically receive these notices when the material is posted. If you are not already signed up and wish to receive such notifications, just go to the Contact tab on the Home page and Opt-In to receive Workshop Calendar and Information.

May 9  – 11

Seattle, Washington USA

The Camera Obscura
A Hathor and Arcturian Intensive with Tom Kenyon

The Camera Obscura is an optical device that projects an image of its surroundings onto a screen where the image appears upside down with its color and perspective intact.

The term is being used here as a metaphor to describe our human neurological reality, i.e., the reception of light through our retinas “projected” via neurological networks to the back of our brains where the image appears upside down.

According to the Hathors and the Arcturians, our experience of the world is a sensory mirage, more holographic in nature than substantive. But in order to experience the mirage-like reality of our sensory world we have to enter altered states of perception whereby we can observe the play of consciousness and transcend our sole identification with the sensory world.

By expanding our sense of self-identity to include our transcendent natures we gain access to a broader and more creative context through which we can live our lives. This expanded sense of ourselves is not just a mental concept. We will build new neurological networks that will assist us to continue the work of self-transformation.

We will be aided in this through the catalytic sound work of both the Hathors and the Arcturians, as channeled through Tom Kenyon’s nearly four-octave range voice.

In the course of this Intensive, we will also be working with a Tenth Dimensional Hathor from The Aethos and an Arcturian meditation master known as Esu. The Aethos vibratory field tends to generate a non-dual state of consciousness that by its nature allows us to transcend three-dimensional reality. The instructions of the Arcturian meditation master, Esu, will allow us to develop our holographic potentials—one of the fundamental tasks for higher consciousness from the Arcturian perspective.

This promises to be a rare and life-changing experience due the material being presented and the nature of the catalytic sound work

Tom does not plan to teach this workshop again.

When: May 9  – 11,  2014

May 9   1pm  – 6pm
May 10 1pm  – 6pm
May 11 1pm  – 4pm

Where:  Seattle, Washington

Cost: $450 if pre-registered by April 9th  ($550 if registered after April 9th)

Pre-registration: To pre-register for this event, send your registration form and a check or money order for $150 made payable to Tom Kenyon, PO Box 98, Orcas, WA 98280. Please include your registration form. Click here to download a Registration Form for this event. If you are unable to print the document, please include all the information that the form requests along with your deposit when you register. Your price for the Intensive will be determined by the date of your postmark. Please note that all deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable

Contact: or call 360-376-5781

May 31

Symphony Space, New York, New York USA

Trees of Life
The mythic roots of our existence

Drawing from three ancient myths, we will explore the interface between our human consciousness and that of our biological and spiritual roots. This type of journey imparts psychological and spiritual benefits due to the fact that we will be encountering these mythic realities through altered states of consciousness.

Our encounters with these trees of power will not be just an intellectual exercise, but we will be filled by the living presence of these trees and by the places where they are rooted in the mythic realm.

We will be greatly aided in this journey by Tom’s nearly four-octave range voice and his three decades of research into the effects of sound and music on brain processing as well as his work in comparative systems of spiritual transformation. Thus, sound will be our great ally as we enter into the depths of these mythic realms.

This will be a dynamic experience whereby we actually enter into the vibrant energies that surround these mythic symbols. By experientially entering into the mythic reality where these trees “live,” we will partake of their life-enhancing gifts—the powers of renewal and deep insight.

The three trees of power that we will contact during this journey are The Gnostic Tree of Knowledge, The Shamanic World Tree and finally The Bodhi Tree of Buddhism.

The Gnostic Tree of Knowledge
Through The Gnostic Tree of Knowledge we will enter into a fascinating retelling of the Garden of Eden mythology through the lens of the Gnostics, who viewed both Eve and the serpent as agents of good in stark contrast to the dominant mythology of Christianity that views both of these figures as evil. It is through this version of the Gnostic Tree of Knowledge that we can directly experience the regenerative powers of our own Kundalini Shakti (the serpent within).

The Shamanic World Tree
As we enter into the shamanic realm of The World Tree, we will embark on a profound shamanic journey into the underworld, also known as the Lower World and then into the Upper or Celestial Worlds—the place of the gods and goddesses as well as elevated beings. We will draw upon the powers of these two worlds and then bring these powers of insight and renewal back to the Middle World—the earthly realm where we live our lives.

We will be aided in our exploration of the Shamanic realm through the Song Path of Tah’zukan (a spirit singer from the Upper Worlds). Tom encountered this shaman in the Celestial Realms many years ago and has been working with him since that time. Tah’zukan sings energetic worlds into existence that assist the listener to transform inner obstructions and negativities. He is especially adept at imparting blessings from the spirit worlds.

The Bodhi Tree
We will integrate our journey through the mythic realms with The Bodhi Tree, a dual reality, meaning the physical realm where the Bodhi Tree lives in this world and the deeply symbolic world of the Sambhogakaya—the realm of pure light and sound where the Bodhi Tree also resides. This mythic tree of power imparts enlightening energies for those who choose to spiritually wake up from the samsaric delusion of duality that dominates existence in this earthly world.

This event promises to be a profound and life-changing experience.

Note: In order to facilitate a deeper psycho-spiritual process, there will be no meal breaks during this workshop. There will be several short breaks in the course of this 5-hour event.

When:  May 31, 2014   1:00pm – 6:00pm
Where: The Peter Jay Sharp Theater at Symphony Space, 2537 Broadway, Manhattan
Cost:  $200
Contact:  Symphony Space, 212-864-5400 or go to

Link: life

All ticket sales are managed by Symphony Space—not our office. Tickets may be purchased with a credit card online through Symphony Space by clicking the above link or by calling the box office at 212.864.5400. The box office is open Tues-Sun from 1 pm until 6 pm East Coast time. The Peter Jay Sharp Theater is located at 2537 Broadway, New York, New York. All online ticket purchases are subject to a per-ticket fee of $2.75, in addition to a $3.00 handling charge. Symphony Space takes American Express, Master Card, Visa and Discover. Tickets for this event are non-refundable and non-transferable for any and all reasons.


June 7th

Munich, Germany

A Hathor Intensive with Tom Kenyon

The BAROD is a psycho-acoustic sound pattern that facilitates the movement of sekhem (or life force) as well as spiritual light throughout the KA (or the subtle energy body), also known as the spiritual twin or etheric double).

Working with the BAROD in various states of meditation can strengthen the luminosity of your KA and greatly facilitate the ascension process—i.e., the elevation of spiritual awareness.

In the course of this one-day workshop, Tom will explain how to work with the BAROD to receive maximum benefit and lead us through various meditative states whereby the BAROD’s potential can be explored.

Sound will play a significant role in this workshop.

When: June 7, 2014   12pm – 6pm
Where: Munich, Germany
Cost: 180 Euro


June 28th

Vienna, Austria

The Triune
The Arcturian-Hathor-Human Connection

A One-Day Workshop with Tom Kenyon

In this one-day event we will explore the fascinating interface between human and intergalactic consciousness—specifically the consciousness and mind-sets of both the Arcturians and the Hathors.

This will be a highly experiential event using Tom’s nearly four-octave range voice to “channel” catalytic sound codes from both the Hathors and the Arcturians to stimulate an increase in the creative potentials of your own brain/mind.

Participants will leave with a greater understanding and appreciation of their own innate potentials–especially through the lens of mental and emotional intelligence.

The goal of The Triune is to explore the Arcturian and Hathorian mind-sets as a means to expand your own consciousness and to stimulate deeper insight and creative action in your life.

The content of this workshop will be different from The Camera Obscura Intensive that Tom will be presenting in Seattle, Washington in May.

When: June 28, 2014  12pm – 6 pm
Where: Vienna, Kursalon
Cost: 180 Euro


October 3-5

Orcas Island Washington

Entering the Nigredo (the Shadow)
An Internal Alchemical Intensive with Tom Kenyon

Please Note: This event is full and we are no longer accepting names for the waiting list.

Due to the unusual and intense nature of this work, my “course description” is going to be far lengthier than it usually is. If this poses a problem for you due to its detail then I would think this workshop is not for you.

This work is for those who recognize that within their own psychological lives there are many “selves,” and not all of these sub-personalities are positive in nature. In fact, some of these selves are rather dark, and that is the point.

In classic European-based Internal Alchemy, as interpreted by Carl Jung, the shadow aspect of the self is called the nigredo (the darkening). The term essentially refers to one’s shadow material. Confronting one’s shadow is an inevitable and unavoidable aspect of authentic spiritual maturation. And those who avoid their shadows do so at their own peril.

Unless our shadow selves are transformed, our experience of the world will be tainted or even poisoned by our un-owned darkness.

Within the system of alchemy that I will be engaging, the descent into the nigredo (the darkness) is a crucial stage. At the nadir point of this journey, a primal shift occurs when the albedo (whiteness of luminosity) spontaneously descends from the higher realms of our own being to transform our unresolved darkness.

We will be greatly aided in our journey through the use of catalytic sound especially through the spirit songs of Tahzu-kan, a spirit singer of the upper shamanic worlds I encountered many years ago. Tahzu-kan sings energetic worlds into existence and has the unique ability to sing blessings from the spirit worlds, which by their very nature can transform deeply set hindrances and negativity.  I have chosen to work with Tahzu-kan during this Intensive due to his mastery at creating deeply resourceful sound patterns, and because he is not tied to nor bound by any particular spiritual tradition or dogma. In point of fact, I am of the opinion that most spiritual traditions have failed to address and even hinder the transformation of shadow material through their reluctance and inability to deal with “darkness.”

This event will be a profound journey into the depths of your own psyche for the purposes of psychological and spiritual regeneration.

It is not for the idly curious.

It is also not for the psychologically naïve.

Some awareness of your own darkness is a requirement to engage this work. You do not have to fully comprehend the depth nor understand the roots of your own shadow material, but you must be aware that you have it.

While contemplating the nature of shadow material and what it might require of me if I were to undertake a group journey into this realm of the unconscious, I experienced two synchronicities. The first was a poem I stumbled across by William Butler Yeats that addressed the nigredo (i.e., the shadow) in a wonderfully metaphorical way, and the second was a lucid dream.

I will address the dream first since I think Yeats’ poem might make more sense, at least from the standpoint of the shadow, if I describe the dream beforehand.

The dream arose after I had read Yeats’ poem and after a direct request by me as I entered dreamtime. The poem had struck me deeply, and as I drifted off to sleep I sent a request to my “deeper self” to reveal to me what the right course of action might be in relationship to offering this work to others.

I woke up at 3AM from a deep unconscious slumber, which greatly annoyed me. Fortunately this wide-awake state only lasted for about fifteen minutes. I then slipped back to sleep and sometime later I realized that I was having a lucid dream.

Brugh Joy, M.D. had a wonderful method for dealing with dreams. He said to come up with a title for the dream as if it was a movie and, by doing so, the dream would reveal more content. I have found this suggestion, as I have found many of Brugh’s suggestions, most helpful.

Upon awakening from the dream, I was struck by the strange imagery. And I decided to call it, per Brugh’s suggestion—The Book of Darkness and The Book of Light.

I won’t go into all the details of the dream since much of it was personal. However, I will address the parts of the dream that are relevant to this Intensive.

One vivid image was of me floating on a sea that was pitch black—like the color of a Raven’s wing. I was reading a book (The Book of Darkness) that described every difficult psychological and spiritual passage in my life. It was arduous to read because it required that I re-member the moments when I forced parts of me into the shadow realms—meaning that I chose to “forget” myself by denying a part of my experience.

This is, in fact, how I view shadow material in general. When we experience an event or a situation in our life that is too difficult to acknowledge consciously, we deny it and send it into some type of psychological limbo. Here in this nether world, we are able to dissociate both from the experience—and unfortunately from ourselves.

One result of this is that a reservoir of darkness (meaning unconsciousness) is created within us where we “put” everything we don’t want to deal with. It’s kind of like having a mental/emotional closet where we store things we don’t have the time or desire to deal with. Unfortunately, one day as we open the door to throw something else into the darkness, the whole mess tumbles out onto the floor.

But let’s return to the dream. My reading of The Book of Darkness seemed to go on and on for a tediously long time. Finally, after a while I sensed a whitish light spontaneously descending from above. It was the albedo from classic Internal Alchemy—the descent of grace from the higher realms of being that all humans are heir to, but which few have the patience or fortitude to claim.

Suddenly The Book of Darkness began to morph into The Book of Light. And as the albedo washed through each episode of my own personal darkness, the dark shadow side of my psychological and spiritual life began to transform itself into the light of awareness.

Now let me be clear here. The dream was not saying that I had magically transformed my own darkness—far from it. Indeed, I think the process of changing one’s shadow material is a long often drawn out affair.

However, a methodology was made clear to me in the dream.

The next image was a group of individuals floating in the dark sea with me as we all read our own Books of Darkness—not to each other, but to ourselves. It was a group contemplation by each of us, the object of which were the moments of our own self-forgetting and the creation of our shadows.

As we entered more deeply into the darkening, the white light of illumination descended and transformed our darkness into the light of awareness.

This is, indeed, the goal of Internal Alchemy in general and this form of alchemy in particular.

I awakened from the dream with a profound sense that group work with the nigredo could be undertaken—should I choose to do so.

Below is the poem by Yeats that I mentioned earlier. You certainly don’t have to understand the poem to take this Intensive, or even read it, but I think it is a wonderful type of Irish-koan. And if you contemplate the poem on multiple occasions I think it will reveal to you much information regarding the shadow.

In the first two lines it is clear that the falcon and the falconer are at a great disadvantage. The falcon (that wild part of us that can fly into the upper worlds) cannot hear the call of the falconer (that part which is bound to Earth). Thus both are impoverished. The rest of the poem describes other aspects of the nigredo. If you think of the objects and persons as symbols of your own sub-personalities you will have a better grasp, I think, of the hidden messages in this poem.


The Falcon and The Falconer

“Turning and turning in the widening gyre
The falcon cannot hear the falconer;
Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
The best lack all conviction, while the worst
Are full of passionate intensity.”

W.B. Yeats, The Collected Poems

Should you choose to undertake the sacred work of self-remembering, I salute your courage. And I sincerely look forward to floating with you upon the dark sea, i.e., within the dark and fertile womb of the unconscious from which both new light and new life are birthed.

Important Note: If you are taking prescribed medications for either schizophrenia or psychosis, this Intensive is counter-indicated. If you are being treated for depression, this is not a problem. If, however, you are being treated for bipolar disorder, you should consult with your therapist prior to taking this workshop.

When: October 3 – 5,  2014

October 3 1pm – 6 pm
October 4 1pm – 6 pm
October 5 1pm – 4 pm

Where: Orcas Island, Washington

Cost: $595 (if pre-registered by September 1st, $695 after Sept. 1st)

Pre-registration: Send your registration form and a non-refundable and non-transferable deposit for $200 made payable to Tom Kenyon, PO Box 98, Orcas, WA, USA 98280. Click here to download a Registration Form for this event. If you are unable to print the document, please include all the information that the form requests along with your deposit when you register. Your price for the Intensive will be determined by the date of your postmark. Please note that all deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable

Contact: or 360-376-5781


Note: Tom’s workshops are a combination of teaching in words to satisfy the left-brain and “toning” to bring the right brain online. When the right brain is activated, transformation, healing and magic can occur. Tom’s unique way of combining non-dogmatic information— shared with a sense of humor that respects your ability to reason and “sound codes” to activate your intuitive potential—creates an atmosphere that allows beginners and advanced participants alike to thrive to their greatest capability. The sound field of Tom’s voice is life-changing. The sounds meet you “where you are,” whether you are an advanced student, an Initiate or a beginner. This combination of information and sound makes a Tom Kenyon workshop an unforgettable and potentially life-changing experience.