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Ecstatic States and the Evolution of Higher Consciousness

Hathors and Tom Kenyon
April, 2005

Ecstatic states of consciousness are an evolutionary agent that you would do well to take advantage of. These states of consciousness can radically shift the harmonics of your consciousness into higher octaves. Living from such an expanded state allows you to be more resourceful and intelligent as you confront the collapse of your old world and ride the wave, so to speak, into the new world that is not yet fully born. This evolutionary feat is accomplished through the vortex mechanics of your own bodily organism: through the vortex of that which you call DNA, the harmonics of your physical heart rhythm, and the untapped potential of your brain.

The attainment of ecstatic states is an inherent aspect of your nervous system and cellular identity, but it has been cloaked, concealed and suppressed by your terrestrial religions and philosophies, not to mention your way of living.

Fear and ecstasy do not mix very well. And a quick glance at your planetary mindset reveals that fear and paranoia are the demigods of your consciousness.

So the first step, as we see it, is to recognize that ecstatic states are not only a possibility, but your response-ability. It is also crucial to clear away the misconceptions and misinformation regarding ecstasy.

Who benefits by perpetuating fear upon your planet? Trace out the history! Become aware of the manipulation. Freedom comes first from knowledge and then action. The act of creating ecstatic states is fundamentally an individual act, however it can also emerge from an interaction with another being who is open to such states. The act of what you call romantic love is the turning on of the generator called eros or sensual sexual multi-dimensional polymorphous awareness. When you touch and are touched by such a person, where permission has been granted between the two of you to reach ecstasy, it is as easy as breathing. The cellular knowledge within you knows exactly what to do and how to do it, unless there are mental and emotional inhibitors. So the act of attaining sexual ecstasy is self-revealing in the act of touch and intimacy, but the cultivation of ecstasy by one’s self, without another, may need some learning, not because it is intrinsically difficult, but because it has been so discouraged and misunderstood. And so we wish to offer a few suggestions in this area.

Our first suggestion has to do with training your consciousness to enter ecstatic states at will. From our perspective ecstatic states are a necessary evolutionary catalyst and doubly crucial in this time of rapid change you are undergoing. By entering these states of mind and feeling, you raise your own harmonics, and it is your personal harmonics that will determine where you nest within the harmonics of this Earth and, of course, other dimensions of consciousness outside and beyond your Earth experience.

Specifically, your ability to enter ecstatic states, at will, allows you to tap into your own interdimensional polymorphic awareness, which is directly related to the awareness of the conscious being that is your Earth. By entering into these states of mind and feeling, you become a resonator for the information available to you from the Earth, in terms of your survival, i.e. what to do and when to do it. These states of mind also create a resonator for you to gain access to your own spiritual nature, that part of you which is both nested in the Earth and beyond the Earth.

So ecstasy is a bridge between the worlds—between the world of your Earthly embodiment and the orgasmic wave mechanics of your cellular identity and the transcendent self, which lies beyond all phenomena. Your ability to navigate through the multi-dimensional changes of your Earth will allow you to avoid catastrophe and find a place of safe haven, whether it be far away from where you are now or across the room. This ability to place yourself in the right place in order to keep your spirit and body intact is greatly enhanced by the cultivation of ecstatic states. We belabor this point because your culture does not value ecstasy; it only values productivity, and ecstasy seems to be a waste of time. But we say to you that ecstasy may be the only thing that buys you more time as the wave of consciousness of which we have spoken earlier passes through your galaxy, solar system, planet, and even the atomic particles that make up your very bodies. Indeed this movement, or wave of consciousness, is moving much like a tsunami, and ecstasy will be the only thing you have to hold onto. So we suggest you learn how to create it.

We will discuss several ways to create ecstasy, for individuals are different and some ways will be more efficient than others. We suggest you try all of the methods we suggest to determine which ones work best for you, and then go about the task of learning how to create it in yourself in an instant’s notice, in the twinkle of an eye, so to speak. And we strongly suggest that you rest in, nest in, and luxuriate in the interdimensional polymorphic sensual bliss of the cosmos.

First Method of Reaching Bliss
The Central Axis

There is an energy axis running from the perineum to the top of the head, to the crown chakra. This is the central line of many geometries and subtle bodies you possess. In this method for creating ecstasy, however, we do not deal with your other bodies or geometries, but only with this axis.

Practice moving your awareness from the perineum up through the center of your body to the crown and then move it back down. Practice this simple movement until it is very clear to you that your focal point of awareness can literally move up and down this axis. Then, with your awareness resting at the perineum, recall something that brought you pleasure. This is the base point. Then move your awareness up the axis, slowly, up to the top of the head. As you do this, intensify your feelings of pleasure, so that as your awareness moves closer to the crown, your feeling of pleasure increases, so much so that as you near the crown of your head, your pleasure turns into bliss. Bliss is maximum pleasure. Imagine that there is a flower at the top of your head, of some kind, that opens when you bring your awareness to the crown of the head. As the flower opens, bliss becomes ecstasy. Ecstasy is maximum bliss. Rest in this feeling of ecstasy for as long as you wish and then slowly bring the awareness back down from the crown down towards the perineum. This is the first method.

We will give other methods in future communications. But we wish to reinforce what we said earlier regarding the reasons why you would do well to cultivate ecstatic states.

Being in ecstasy places you in a vibrational field of consciousness that is beyond the technology of manipulation that is being used on your Earth at this time. It gives you access to Earth knowledge, the impulse of correct action in relationship to the conscious being that is your Earth. This has many practical benefits, your physical survival being one of them. And finally, ecstatic states of consciousness raise you into a vibrational field that will allow you to ride the wave of energy that is entering your solar system and be elevated by it, as opposed to being destroyed by it. The response-ability to do this, or not, is in your hands and none others’.

Earth Offering

It is completely voluntary, that you do this. However we strongly suggest you offer your ecstasy to the Earth when you have finished with the exercise above. This is because the Earth receives many types of energies. Ecstasy is highly conducive to it, to its wellbeing, and the sustaining of the eco-system. So, by offering your ecstasy to the Earth, you give it something that is highly beneficial, and the side effect is that you will introduce positive influences into your local environment. Indeed if you were to gather many people to do this, you would find interesting responses in the local environment, indicating positive influence. The offering is quite simple.

After you have generated ecstasy at the crown and you bring your awareness down the central axis toward the perineum, you consciously bring the energy of ecstasy back down with you to the perineum. And then you send this energy of ecstasy down through your legs and your feet, down into the Earth. As you exhale, you send this ecstasy deep into the Earth. For those who prefer to send it through the axis, know that the axis extends from the perineum straight into the Earth, and you can, if you wish, send the ecstasy to the Earth through this line. The Earth will receive this energy of ecstasy and welcome it. And as we have said, it has many beneficial influences upon your local environment.

We wish to be clear that even though areas of the Earth may be in tumult, other areas will not. There is no area of the Earth that will not be challenged, but some challenges will be less challenged than others. You can positively influence your part of the Earth by introducing these seeds of ecstasy into the terra firma where you put your feet. It is that simple, though the mechanics are very complex.

In the United States there was a man named Johnny Appleseed, who planted apple seeds wherever he went. These trees grew and bore fruit, and travelers ate the fruit on their journeys across the continent. Think of yourself in this way if inspires you. Plant seeds of ecstasy wherever you walk. They will bear fruit and sustain those, like yourself, riding the waves of change into your collective future.

Note: We will impart other methods of attaining ecstasy in the near future. Indeed, there is an entire inner technology for creating ecstatic states that we wish to give you. Check this site if you are inspired and motivated by this information.

Love more.
Laugh more.
Be happy.
You are the masters of your destiny.