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The Holon of Balance and The Holon of Healing

Hathors and Tom Kenyon
March, 2005

The vortex mechanics of your planet and solar system are speeding up, and as a result, time as you know it, is morphing. At the same time, there are developments and changes on Earth, and also in other sectors, that are affecting your destiny and the choices you will need to make.

These changes are occurring at such a rapid rate it is not possible to keep current with them in the old way. We are therefore instituting a system of planetary updates, which will appear regularly on this web site. We cannot say with what frequency or in what pattern they will appear. So we suggest you check this web site regularly if you are interested in such matters. As we conceive of this in the moment, we plan to address specific developments, as well as inner technologies that you may utilize to ride the waves.

The Holon

We gave this information in several workshops, but now feel it is timely to bring it to all who are interested. Holons are specific geometric shapes that are third dimensional in nature and affect consciousness in specific ways. By consciousness, please understand that we do not mean simply your mind, as you understand it, but all aspects of the self, including bodily intelligence, i.e. DNA.

Holons are created in the realm of your mind or imagination, but they compel energy to flow in distinct ways. Given the increasingly disturbing forces upon your earth, we wish to give you simple instruction for two holons.

The first has to do with stabilizing your internal energy, especially your emotions, when you experience volatile events, either directly around you or in the biosphere, for you will find that events taking place in other areas of the world will have increasingly stronger effects than before. This has to do with the increase of perceived interconnectedness. Whether you like it or not, it is becoming more clear that you are one planetary family, indeed we would go so far as to say, you are one planetary body. Thus, catastrophic events elsewhere will affect you more directly, depending upon your level of awareness, sensitivity, and type of boundaries.

We would say that the highest form of riding these waves of change is not through resistance or isolation, for these actually create greater levels of fatique. It is rather allowing the energies of change to move around you and through you without attachment to your old pictures or ideas of how they should be. As we mention, the first holon is for the purposes of stabilizing your energy. The second holon we wish to instruct you in strengthens the immune system.

The First Holon

This is based upon a specific platonic solid known as the octahedron. The octahedron consists of two square-based pyramids connected at the base with one pyramid pointing down and the other pyramid pointing up. They are exact mirror images of each other. This specific three-dimensional geometry occurs naturally in nature, especially in the forms of some crystals, atomic and molecular bonds. It is, by nature, a very stable shape. It is, esoterically speaking, the meeting and balancing of male and female polarity, heaven and earth.

In order to create this holon, you sense or imagine a line that goes through the top of the head down through the center of the body, down through the perineum past the feet. The central line is the axis of the octahedron.

You sense or imagine the base of the pyramids at the level of your waist, so that the upper part of your body is inside the upper pyramid and the lower pyramid surrounds the lower part of your body. It does not matter how large you make the pyramid, so long as your whole body is inside it. It does not matter how you orient the corners. As you imagine yourself inside this octahedron, imagine feelings of safety and comfort. Practice holding the geometry of the octahedron in your imagination as you recall the feelings of safety and comfort. Practice this daily if you wish to master it. Create the holon, add the feelings of safety and comfort and then intensify them. Do this until just imagining the holon brings the feelings. Then you will find that you can create the holon whenever you wish, and it will impart to you these feelings of comfort and safety, and by it’s own nature, the holon will compel the subtle energies within you to reach toward a state of balance.

In future communications we will offer specific suggestions on how to ride the waves of change. This first holon is best conceived of as “a kind of life saver.” It is not the most powerful or elegant way of moving through the changes that are coming your way, but it can be very helpful, especially for those who have not learned yet how to shift into the interdimensionality of their being.

The Second Holon

Due to the destruction of your eco-system and other repercussions of the misuse of your technology, bacteria and viruses are mutating at a record rate, and new forms are appearing. This holon has a powerful effect upon your immune system. It is not meant to be a substitution for taking care of yourself, but it is an adjunct; and if you find yourself getting ill, this holon can be of great benefit.

Essentially it is a cylinder that runs around you, from just above your head to just below your feet. At the top of the cylinder the shape bends forward like a banana, facing to the front. At the bottom of the cylinder the shape moves in the opposite direction from the top. So if you were to look at it from the side it would look very much like a banana that had been twisted around. Some call it the dolphin holon. You sense this shape around your body, holding the impression that it is a silver color, very much like a silver mylar balloon. This silver color does not need to be seen, but only needs to be imagined. It is specifically related to the anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties of colloidal silver. Sense this holon around you, and when your mind wanders, bring it back to the sense of the holon. This specific geometry causes the subtle energies within you to be calmed, and at the same time energized in a specific way that strengthens the immune system. We suggest you add this to your “first aid kit”, so to speak.

We wish to leave you in this moment with these final thoughts: As the chaos upon your earth increases, do not be distressed. This is a natural process of shifting from one dimension into another. Spiritual mastery is the ability to deal with new situations in creative ways. Anything less than this is of no benefit. You must find new ways to deal with your life and what is happening in the world around you.

The choices you make will determine your destiny. It is really that simple. As many around you spiral into despair and confusion, a strange opportunity opens. It is possible to ride the waves of change through the upcoming volatile periods of chaos with humor, grace and extraordinary growth. The power to do this does not come from the outside. It comes from the inside, but like a miner searching for gold you have to go digging. To find the treasure that will make you rich, in terms of spiritual qualities and an increased likelihood of surviving these times, requires searching on your part, not outside yourself, but inside yourself, for you already have what you need. The suggestions we will make in the coming months are simply helpful hints for you to solve the riddle that is you, and hopefully, one day soon, if you are not already howling with laughter, you will get the cosmic joke, and with a squeal of delight you will awaken from your slumber, step out of this dream, and into a new one, or better yet, wake up altogether.