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Dendera: Entering the Inner Temple

Dear Fellow Student of the Mystery,

I wish to welcome you to the upcoming Hathor Intensive titled Dendera: Entering the Inner Temple (September 30 – October 1, 2017) in Seattle, Washington.

As the dates of the workshop draw closer, you will receive a separate email with logistical information.

The purpose for my writing, at this time, is to suggest some ways to prepare for this unusual event.

First of all, in truth, you don’t have to do anything to get ready for this Intensive. All you need do is to show up. However, there are a few things I believe you could explore to deepen your personal experience at the Intensive.

The first of these would be to go to the Articles section of the website and scroll down until you find the Article entitled The Art of Egyptian High Alchemy or just click here:

This would give you a few of the very basic concepts to mull over before your arrival. By mulling over, I mean actually spending some time contemplating what you read in the short descriptions of the basic concepts.

A more powerful way to prepare for this event would be to acquire and listen to The Art of Egyptian High Alchemy set of workshop recordings, as this would give you both a firm intellectual platform to understand the nature of the work as well as provide you with some very potent sound explorations.

I believe this type of preparation would serve you for the types of deep explorations that will occur during the workshop.

You can find The Art of Egyptian High Alchemy workshop recordings, in either CD or MP3 format, by going to the Store and scrolling down until you find the title or just click here:

If you choose to work with this set of workshop recordings, which is my strong suggestion, I recommend you spend some time after each sound exploration being in silence in order to sense what is happening within you. Notice what is unfolding in your inner experience such as physical sensations, emotional feelings and internal sensory displays such as visual imagery, auditory experiences, etc., that arise from within you.

Don’t rush. Really take the time to be with yourself in these post-sound exploration states of body and mind. The reason for doing this is to cultivate and increase your conscious awareness of your own personal sensory modalities—meaning how you experience your internal world.

Conscious awareness and knowledge of how you personally perceive your inner worlds would be a very helpful thing to know before you enter the workshop. Think of this knowledge as a type of flashlight that shines the light of your own conscious awareness onto the phenomena that arise within your own body/mind complex.

Entering The Inner Temple of Dendera will be a type of internal archaeological expedition. And you will gain far more from the experience, if you have a working flashlight at your side (metaphorically speaking of course) that can bring to light the dark areas of the Temple. By the word “dark” I am simply referring to those dimensions of your own consciousness that you are unaware of.

For those of you who feel drawn to work with the actual workshop recordings from The Art of Egyptian High Alchemy, let me reiterate something I said earlier. Be with yourself in silence for some time after each sound session. Don’t rush out of this state of inner awareness. The longer you spend being with and experiencing your own inner sensory displays and feelings (both physical sensations and emotions), the better prepared you will be for the deep explorations that will comprise the bulk of the upcoming Intensive.

Best regards in these most fascinating of times,

Tom Kenyon