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Danger and Opportunity

by Tom Kenyon

Some say it is due to HAARP, that strange configuration of towers engineered by the US Government in Alaska. It is scheduled to be fully operational, by the way, in January or February of this year. The official word is that HAARP is a device to send signals into the aurora borealis (the northern lights) transforming it into a massive antenna for the purpose of sending ELF (extremely low frequency) waves back to the earth. And what would the purpose of such a device be? The US Congress approved the system so that it could be used for surveillance in order to detect such things as underground storage of weapons and nuclear waste, as well as communications for deep sea submarines. This much is admitted by the powers that be.

Some, outside the government, say it has a lot more to do with mind control by emitting signals that interfere with rational thought and action. Indeed, some researchers say that ELFs affect brain processing. Are you and those around you, regardless of age, noticing challenges with memory and unexplainable mental agitation? We are not the only ones affected by ELFs, by the way. Cetaceans, such as whales, are negatively affected by these low frequencies, and some environmentalists are concerned about the implications for these animals. There are many theories, of course, why so many of us are experiencing mental and emotional challenges beyond the norm, and HAARP is only one of them. Others say that our problems with clear thinking are simply due to the fact that people are watching way too much television.

But whatever the reasons, it seems that the US populace is losing its ability to detect bullshit on the political stage. Or perhaps it’s just that we don’t care anymore. That’s certainly possible.

Forget the rumors of government conspiracy that fly through the Internet like locusts in the Day of Judgment. Things are not right in the land of the free, and the signs are everywhere for those who have eyes to see.

I cannot help but think that we are in dire times. And I am reminded of a childhood story. In it, an emperor was walking through his kingdom naked. No one in the kingdom dared say anything until a child spoke the truth.

Are we caught up in some kind of weird fairy tale, here at the beginning of the next millennium? And where are the voices saying no? Have we been silenced by HAARP, or is it just that we have fallen asleep in front of our TVs? As a country, we will either wake up or we won’t. It’s that simple. But let’s not be naive here; there are forces truly vested in keeping us asleep and they are working overtime these days. And I don’t necessarily mean HAARP; I mean the media. While Judi and I were overseas, we saw graphically over and over how distorted and one-sided our news has become. If the free flow of accurate information is the lifeblood of a democracy, then we have some serious life-threatening hardening of the arteries.

It has been observed that if you take a frog and throw it in boiling water, it will try to jump out. But if you take the same frog and slowly bring the temperature of the water up to boiling, it will relax and fall asleep. Is someone slowly turning up the heat?

The opinions about the heat are about as varied as you can get. Some say it is all due to the Reptilians, those supposed intergalactic aliens behind the secret government. Some say that it is because our solar system (which travels through space) is moving into a more energetically intense area of the universe. In fact, I just received an email from Russia indicating that researchers in Siberia have supposedly measured an increase in the size of the heliosphere (the aura, if you will, of the sun). According to the email, the heliosphere has increased over ten times its size in the last several years.

And then there are those who say that we are simply in the end times, and that the horses of the Apocalypse have been loosened upon the earth.

Of course, anyone familiar with the end times bandwagon, knows about the Mayan prophecies which say that time, as we know it, will end in 2012AD, a mere ten years away. We will also, according to the prophecies, leave the Age of the Intellect behind us and enter the Age of the Gods. Now I don’t know about you, but that seems like a tall order. I mean a lot is going to have to change.

I guess only time will tell if this thing about the end of time is right or not. But what if it is true? What will we do with our watches?

Perhaps we will all be partying on New Year’s Eve of 2013, and it will be crystal clear what this has all been about, but probably not. I do believe we are in an Age of Transition, but from what to what is the question.

One thing is clear– the old guard is nervous. The old ways of doing things aren’t working the ways they used to. Just talk to any corporate CEO and they will tell you this. Hell, just talk to any mom and dad trying to raise a family and they’ll tell you the same thing.

I think our culture is like a big old 50’s Chevy rolling down the road out of control. Parts of the car are falling off onto the concrete, and there is a fight in the front seat for who is going to hold the wheel. The old drivers have been taking us dangerously close to a precipice and some of the people in the back seat are waking up. This isn’t to the liking of the current chauffeur, mind you. He’s used to being in control. But as Bob Dylan used to sing-” the times they are a changing.” Too many people are waking up around the world in spite of their TV’s.

This brings me to the question: what are we waking up to? I suppose it depends on the consciousness of the one waking up, for as the Vedas of ancient India say– knowledge is structured in consciousness. In other words, our level of development limits what we can be aware of. Some of us are waking up to the dangers of capitalistic fascism and its mind-boggling array of hypnotic advertising encouraging us to buy more things we don’t need. Some of us are waking up to the anguished cries of an ecosystem in crisis and nearing collapse. Some are waking up, further, to the earth as a conscious living being, not just some inert hunk of rock to be exploited. Others are waking up to the understanding that it is all consciousness, and that we are, each of us, somehow intimately connected to what transpires in the world.

We are not islands unto ourselves, but rather the world is an on-going co-creation between all of us. What looks like outside us, is really both inside and outside. Our beliefs and attitudes about ourselves, and what we deem to be real, get acted out in the vast sea of human interactions. Where there is hostility and hatred around us, perhaps we need to look inside ourselves. As surely as the sun rises and sets, the tap roots of events around us often lie inside the fertile soil of our own psyches.

For some, ideas like this seem alien and strange. For others it is simply obvious. Once again we are faced with the relativity of perception. Knowledge is structured in consciousness. But as we enter the twenty-first century, many of our perceptions, as a culture, are undergoing radical change. There is a global transformation taking place, and the accelerated events of our time indicate that the transformation is a fast one. Where it will take us, no one really knows.

But interestingly enough, the word transformation is composed of two ideograms in Chinese, one of them meaning danger and the other opportunity. We are in the midst of both, no question.

As we look at the national and international arenas, it is easy to point to another person or group and call them the bad guys, the evil ones. Duality has, after all, a long formidable history. But for those who sense the inner workings of consciousness, these times are an opportunity to see past the illusions of separation between us and the world. It is an opportunity to see how we hold both ourselves and others mental/emotional hostages. The outer stage of world events is mirrored, or perhaps even created, within us. By the choices we make internally and externally, we create our future destinies. Will we awaken to this truth in time?