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A Hathor Planetary Message


Received 05/26/06 by Tom Kenyon

2005年5月26日Tom Kenyon接收

As we indicated in a previous communication, there has been a likelihood of increased geological tectonic activity.


It is now upon you.


There is a marked increase in the tension along what you call the Ring of Fire (which extends from New Zealand to Australia, up through Indonesia, into Japan and Northern Russia and across and down the west coast of both North and South America). Due to Earth’s internal resonance, the area you call Yellowstone National Park as well as the fault lines running on the East Coast of the United States, as well as Greece and Turkey, are also potentially involved.


Some of you may feel an increase in irritability, sleep disturbances, strange unaccountable exhaustion, headaches and nausea. Those of you who are more sensitive may actually feel a quaking or shaking feeling at the cellular level of the body.


We are not saying massive earthquakes are immanent, but the probability has increased. This also includes both underwater and above ground volcanic activity.


Humanity and thus all life on Earth, is at a pivotal point. We have said, on numerous occasions, what is required to bring these forces back into balance, so we will not repeat them here (see previous postings on this website).


Understand that the energy fields of your body are nested within the larger energy field of the Earth. Therefore, as tectonic tensions increase so will your symptoms. It is a biological response. At these times when you experience the above symptoms, we suggest you pause in your activities and generate within yourself coherent feelings. The highest order of coherency and the most efficient emotional space would be ecstasy. We have given methods for creating this emotional state previously, but if this is not attainable, then take some time out, if possible, from what you are doing; take some to rest, and be with yourself.


From our perspective, you can expect an increase in these types of situations for, at least, the next decade. The purpose of this communication is to alert you to this tectonic pressure as a possible explanation for some of the non-ordinary and strange physical and emotional as well as mental phenomena you have been experiencing.


Some of you may also notice periods where it is difficult to hold mental focus. It is as if your brain is unable to hold attention in the ways it is used to holding focus. In it’s acute form it may be difficult to think sequentially. There is a kind of fuzz in the mental awareness. If this is a new phenomenon for you, then it could be a result of tectonic pressure, as well as shifts taking place in the magnetic fields of Earth.


We wish you to understand, clearly, that humanity is in the midst of a critical situation.


We suggest that you review the inner technology of Holons that we gave previously as a method to help balance yourself, as Earth goes through these transitional processes. It is simple and easy to create and that is why we recommend it.


In essence, here are the essential points for the Holon of Stability. Imagine yourself inside and at the center of an octahedron. This geometric shape consists of two square-based pyramids, joined base-to-base. You orient this imaginary three-dimensional shape so that your head is in the apex of the top pyramid and your feet are at the other apex of the lower pyramid. Simply being aware of this geometry around you has a calming and stabilizing affect.


If your children are being disturbed by these Earth transitions, we suggest you play a game with them. Don’t make it serious. Have fun with it. Help them to create an imaginary octahedron around themselves, and you create one around yourself. Ask them how they feel inside the octahedron. They will notice, in most cases, a feeling of calm. Tell them they can play this “imaginary game” whenever they want. Don’t make, as you say, a “big deal” out of it, but you will have given them a wonderful and effective inner tool for moving through these Earth-transition states. And don’t forget yourself. Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of this geometry. When you feel disturbance, play the game for yourself.


There are, finally, two phenomena we wish to discuss. The first has to do with what might be called the interdimensional grid-work of the Earth, in response to Earth changes. And the second is the interdimensional grid-work of your own consciousness and body.


The energetic/interdimensional grid-work of Earth is both created by the geological formations of Earth and, in addition, this grid-work is also responsible for creating those same geological formations. In other words, the grid-work is both cause and effect.


The shape of the Ring of Fire resembles a serpent biting its tail. This is known as the uroborus in alchemy and has a deep esoteric significance. As the tectonic pressures increase along the Ring of Fire there are etheric cracks, or fissures, in the grid-work of the Earth, corresponding to where the tectonic pressure is occurring. If you are physically near one of these areas you can be deeply affected.


One of the effects, besides headache, nausea, lethargy and confusion, is a crack between the worlds. Literally you will simultaneously experience both the three-dimensional reality of this Earth, and an aspect of the interdimensional reality of this Earth. This process is very much like a snake shedding its skin when it has become too constrictive, and as the snake moves, fissures are created in the old skin to reveal the new. Metaphorically this is what is happening to the Earth through the actions of the Ring of Fire or the Serpent Ring.


Another effect of this is that no matter where you are located on Earth, fissures or energetic-openings appear within your own etheric body. These fissures can be caused by the energetics of tectonic pressure, and can also be caused by bursts of emotional energy such as irrationality or sudden insight. In these moments, you are again, between the worlds. This physical world will seem to be of little substance or solidity, for indeed, this is the truth of your illusion.


Don’t worry about what others are thinking or feeling. Attend to your own life, your own thought, and your own feeling. Choose to live in as much joy as you can create in the midst of such chaos.


This is the pathway that will lead you upward regardless of what is happening around you.


The Hathors

A Few Personal Thoughts


I think this message is pretty self-explanatory, but there are a couple of things I would like to bring to your attention. The first is their statement about ecstasy. The Hathors have given a couple of postings about ecstasy and how to create it. I think the posting entitled Ecstasy and the Heart is their most clear-cut and easy-to-follow method. You can find it on our website by going to the Hathor Messages section. Just click and scroll down until you find the title.The only other thing I would add is some 3D information about disorientation. The Hathors are talking about the type of disorientation that comes from tectonic pressures in the Earth, but there is another type of disorientation that sometimes signals a dangerous medical condition — stroke.If your sense of disorientation is accompanied by sudden pain, weakness or severe headache with no known cause, then you should seek immediate medical attention.


In the type of disorientation the Hathors are talking about, there is no symptom of pain or decrease in neurological ability. This type of disorientation the Hathors are referring to is caused by a shifting of attention from how we normally experience the world as a three-dimensional space, to the world as an interdimensional space. In such moments, the world seems illusory, as if physical matter itself is an illusion of some kind. According to the Hathors these types of experiences, whether self-generated through spiritual practices or through the pressure waves created by tectonic activity, are precursors — preliminary experiences — to the ascension of consciousness into multi-dimensional realities. But at no point in this process is there pain or loss of function.