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Hathors — 3.17.06 — Spain

You are about to enter another catalytic and volatile phase of global transformation. From our perspective, it would be helpful for you to understand that, as a collective, you are poised between two contrasting worlds.


Your present reality is shifting right before your eyes. And along with it many of your current philosophical and religious paradigms, as well as your economic and political structures, are being challenged to say the least. In terms of cultural thought forms and values, you are entering a kind of no-man’s land where your social anchors and benchmarks will be of little use to you. Your present global cultural reality is changing radically in ways that will be difficult to control—especially for those currently in power. But while the dissolution of your present world is accelerating, so are the beginnings of your future reality, which as we have mentioned earlier, will be multi-dimensional in nature with many diverse cultural and artistic viewpoints co-existing simultaneously. Before this possible new Renaissance can take place, however, humanity seems headed into an increase of catalytic and volatile events to shake loose its fixation on certain beliefs that no longer work in mankind’s best interest, and are, in fact, a danger to the continuance of biological life on this planet. In other words, your collective cultural beliefs and how you live in your world are threatening life itself.


The seeds of this new world, of which we speak, are already being sown, and some of the new ways of thinking, feeling and being are starting to show themselves in embryonic ways. Look to your new generations to see how these signs of the new world are showing themselves. What some persons view as anti-social and aberrant behaviors are, in some cases, an attempt to return to a type of personal sanity in a world that has gone mad.


Remember, that you are moving between the present ways of thinking and living to an, as yet, undefined sense of the new world—and its vast potentials for spiritual and cultural evolution.


But this movement into your future that some call a new Golden Age is, not in fact, guaranteed or a done deal as the saying goes. Your future (both individually and collectively) depends upon what you choose to do or don’t do now—in each and every moment of your present reality. The future, in other words, does not just happen, but rather it is forged in the foundry of personal choice.


We think it vital that you understand what you are up against as you move to create a more benevolent and life-friendly future. We say this because there are those who would shape the emerging new world and this new age of humanity according to their own selfish ends. Many of them have held the reins of the old world into the present moment through the power of money and politics, while others have held the reins through spiritual dominance and control. These forces will not let go of their power lightly.


We have said, on many occasions, that you can change your destiny in the last final moments. The prophecies of doom need not come true, for you are the creators of your future—though to be more exact—you are actually the co-creators of your future. And the co-creator with you in this task of creating a new world is consciousness itself—what some of you call God or Goddess—but which we refer to as The Great Mystery.


The energies of self-awareness and spiritual evolution continue to emanate from deep space, as we mentioned in previous postings. Yet collectively, humanity still resists this impulse to higher evolution and awareness. To be fair to you, you have been and continue to be manipulated by those who wield planetary power for their own personal gain. They are not interested in the elevation of humanity—far from it. And so you are caught between the pressures of spiritual evolution, which are bombarding you from deep space, and those who increasingly work to control and manipulate you.


As we have noted before, the continual inability of humanity to move upward in consciousness (whether through an inherent defect in its nature, or through control and manipulation) will have potentially devastating effects upon your ecological systems. Expect further increases in erratic weather patterns, volcanic activity and earthquakes. Although your science does not recognize this, we would say to you that such activities are both natural cycles of your Earth as a conscious being, and also the result of a co-creation between you and Earth her self. Your collective thought forms and patterns of emotion, not to mention your physical actions, have direct affects upon the Earth, her evolution and the evolution of life—as you know it.


If you read previous postings, you will see that we have advocated that you store food and water as well as emergency supplies—a precaution for potential disruptions due to economic, climatic and seismic changes. We would now say to you that this is not precautionary, but a highly probable possibility. True, catastrophe can be averted at the twelfth hour, if the collective spiritual vibration of humanity were to move upward en masse, but we do not, unfortunately, see this in your time-line (at least, at this time). So we advise you to make some practical plans for yourself and your loved ones, just in case normal sources of food and water become disrupted.


We also mentioned, previously, a time line regarding the value of your money, and that time line is now upon us. Unless some unforeseen force comes into play, this economic downturn will most likely take place on a global level in the next few months. How severe it will be depends upon many factors, not the least of which are international decisions made by those who hold the reins to the world power.


No one can say for certain, what your future will be like—either individually or collectively, because there is always the possibility for conscious choice at any moment. And conscious choice or intent can and does alter the quantum field of consciousness itself and thus eventually even physical reality (if the power of choice or intent is strong enough).


And so it is that we do not predict your future. We are only saying what we see in your timeline unless you collectively make different choices in how you live your lives and how you deal with each other and the Earth.


In many ways, survival is an intelligence test. In this light, we would say that the cosmic test of increased spiritual evolution is putting you and everyone else under extreme pressure. Nothing less than an upward movement in global consciousness will suffice. Nothing less than spiritual mastery will allow you to pass through the eye of the needle that is upon you. Those who master the new vibratory realms of consciousness and find ways to express them in physical reality—in how they live their lives—these will be the stewards who bring in the new age and the new world.


We have spoken many times about the need for states of ecstasy and bliss, as these are the signatures of the higher vibratory realms of which we speak. Although we have said and continue to say that entering these states is inherently easy, we also recognize that they are difficult to create when you are under duress. This is why we encourage you to find your spiritual center in these increasingly difficult times. By spiritual center we mean the still point within you where you are in touch with your own inner nature. For some of you this means regular meditation, for others it means being in nature, or some other way of connecting with your inner self. Whatever means you have found to center yourself, you must make it second nature. And do it regularly. We say this because as your world becomes more chaotic, it will be more difficult to find your center unless you have trained yourself to enter it at will.


The vibratory realms of ecstasy, bliss, appreciation, and gratitude are not just elevators of consciousness, they are also protectors. They will help you remain in a higher vibratory field than those around you, should those around you descend into lower expressions of their nature. Should you find yourself in such situations, we suggest you quietly (without drawing attention to yourself) move your emotions into these higher vibratory realms (appreciation, gratitude, ecstasy and bliss). Although you will be in the same physical dimension as those around you, you will be in a different emotional and vibratory dimension. And when it comes to fate or destiny—it all hinges on vibration—specifically what vibrational realm you are residing in. And this ultimately depends, as do most things, upon choice.


From one perspective, for sure, you are entering extremely dangerous times. From another perspective, however, you have unprecedented opportunities to rapidly accelerate your spiritual evolution and mastery. These opportunities exist literally because the pressure waves of evolution and the social and cultural pressures to conform are hitting you from all sides. You are, in this sense, much like a piece of coal that is placed under immense pressure—a pressure that is seemingly beyond your control. It is indeed uncomfortable to live through such pressure, but the result, spiritually speaking, is that you become a diamond.


We hold for you a vision of your grandest destiny. We hold this vision in our hearts; this is true. But only you can make it so.


The Hathors

Personal Thoughts on the Hathor Message of 3/17/06
Tom Kenyon


I thought I would add my two cents worth to this message since, on some levels, it is quite radical — some might even say dire.


The first thing I would like to point out is, what I consider to be one of the main points in their message, even though it appears later in the transcript:


“No one can say for certain, what your future will be like, either individually or collectively, because there is always the possibility for conscious choice at any moment. And conscious choice or intent can and does alter the quantum field of consciousness itself and thus eventually even physical reality (if the power of choice or intent is strong enough).



And so it is that we do not predict your future. We are only saying what we see in your timeline unless you collectively make different choices in how you live your lives and how you deal with each other and the Earth.”


—The Hathors

I think the purpose of prophecy or future telling is to point out the obvious. As the Hathors indicated, there is always the possibility for a new choice at any moment. But we must first be aware that we even have a choice.


About a year ago, I was driving in downtown San Francisco. A dear friend of mine, who is in her eighties, was sitting in the backseat.


I heard her suddenly say, “Tom, I think you are running a red light!” Sure enough I was. Instinctively I braked and stopped just short of a taxi that had entered the intersection. This is rather what I am talking about.

我听到她突然说:”汤姆,我觉得你在闯红灯!” 果然,我是在闯红灯。我本能地刹住了车,停在了一辆进入路口的出租车旁边。这正是我所说的。

Had I said to myself — “Oh God, I have run a red light and there is nothing I can do,” we would have had an accident. Instead I changed the prophecy and put on the brakes. So, I think this is a big part of what the Hathors are saying here. Collectively we need to put on the brakes and stop moving in the direction we are heading as a culture.


Now, personally, I don’t see it happening, short of some kind of miracle — which I am always open to, by the way. But…. if the Great Miracle doesn’t happen and collectively we are unable to make a shift into more benevolent ways of living — both with ourselves and with the Earth — things may get a little rough.


One doesn’t have to be psychic to see that things are amiss on planet Earth.


The challenge then becomes how can I, and you, as individuals make a shift in our selves, even if the bulk of humanity does not. According to the thirteen Hathors who communicate with me, it all has to with vibration — specifically the vibrations of appreciation, gratitude, ecstasy and bliss.


Essentially, they are saying that when we live in these states of being, we are protected in many ways. And in the midst of chaos, these states of mind will allow us to pass through the eye of the needle — difficult situations — with a modicum of ease and grace.


I wish I could tell you that I have found the way to do this, and that I live continuously in these elevated states of consciousness. But then I would be lying. The truth is that I have experienced them on occasions and have learned, to some extent, how to create them at will — some of the time.


But like a friend of mine recently said, I live with a part of myself that is a whiner and a pessimist. What do we do with these aspects of ourselves when there seems to be so much negative evidence around us?


Well, I have asked the Hathors this on several occasions and their answer is always tediously the same. Learn to create these states at will, and learn how to over-ride your own negativity at a moment’s notice. They have given some techniques, by the way, on how to do this in previous postings. In the section entitled Ecstasy and the Heart, they give a specific technique for creating ecstasy and bliss, which they say are powerful evolutionary catalysts.

好吧,我已经问过哈索尔们这个问题好几次了,他们的回答总是不厌其烦地相同。学会随心所欲地创造这些状态,学会如何在一瞬间克服自己的负面情绪。顺便说一句,他们在以前的贴子里已经给出了一些关于如何做到这一点的技巧。在题为 “狂喜与心脏 “一节中,他们给出了创造狂喜和极乐的具体技术,他们说这是强大的进化的催化剂。

They have also said that the feelings of appreciation and gratitude benefit not only ourselves, but the emotional atmosphere of all humanity as well.


So….all I can say to you in this regard, is to keep on truckin’. Keep living your life as best you can, as happily as you can, and with as much joy as you can. Happiness and joy have very little, actually, to do with what and how much we have as much as they do with how we choose to think and feel. Find ways to enter bliss and ecstasy.


In one of their earlier messages, the Hathors said it did not matter how one does this. For some it could come from being in nature, for others it might be playing with their pets. The point is that we must learn how to enter these states at will. This is an act of spiritual mastery because, quite frankly, there are forces who have vested interests in scaring the you-know-what out of us. And so we must find a way to live upward in consciousness even in the midst of negativity, fear and manipulation.


Which brings us to a few elements in this latest message (3/17/06) that may create fear for some individuals — like the prophecies about food, water, economics, the ecosystem, weather patterns and Earth changes.


Let me say right from the get-go that the Hathors are not great with timelines. I have seen pretty much everything they have said to me come to pass — but not necessarily in the time frames they thought. This is often the case, I might add, with a lot of interdimensional beings (like the Hathors) who live outside our perceptions of time and space.


So I wouldn’t panic. But I would be practical. It just makes sense to have a little extra food that stores well, some extra water and emergency supplies as well as some extra cash stashed away when and if you might need it. If you have this stuff on hand, chances are you won’t ever need it. But if you do need it, won’t you be glad you have it!


The problem with individual Hathor messages is that they can be read out of context — not read in relationship with their previous messages. So I would encourage anyone reading this to look at previous messages to get a broader sense of what they (the Hathors) are talking about. Having said that, let me summarize some of what I think they are trying to convey.


Essentially we are witnessing the transformation of an old world, characterized by very specific types of economics (the perception of money), national politics, as well as philosophical and cultural beliefs. These aspects of our civilization are transforming right before our eyes into what will be a radically different world.


This shift from the old world to a new world (yet to be defined, or clearly understood) is essentially a chaotic process. There is no way around this. There are various reasons for this, some of it having to do with power plays, but when any system radically changes, there is a period of instability before the new system emerges from the old. This is true on virtually every level of the cosmos — from the relationships of subatomic particles and atoms, to biological life, to relationships between people, and most definitely between cultures and societies.


According to the Hathors, our monetary systems, food, water, weather patterns, ecological and geological stability may, and probably will be challenged as we pass from the old world into the new. But to what extent and just how disruptive these changes will be, remains to be seen. They are of the opinion that the more disruptive and destructive elements of the transition from the old to the new can be mitigated by how humanity chooses to live with each other and with the Earth.


Although they are from another dimension of consciousness, the Hathors are essentially pragmatic — and so they have made some suggestions for individuals to consider.


Should the Earth enter a phase of spiritual purification, the Hathors advise us to avoid jumping into the irrationality that will be swirling about us. Instead, learn to live in joy and ecstasy. Be appreciative, and in gratitude for the smallest gifts that life brings you. These feeling states will set up a vibrational field that is protective. Thus we may find our paths made easier even in the midst of chaos.


That, in a nutshell, is how I see this message. Hope for the best, and prepare for the worst. That may be good advice for our times. It also reminds me of an Islamic saying — trust Allah, but tie up your camels.


Tom Kenyon
Costa del Sol, Spain