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As we indicated in December of last year, there will be a continual rise in the number and intensity of hurricanes. There will also be an increase in the intensity and the number of typhoons and tornadoes.


From our perspective, we would not consider it wise for those who are displaced from the Gulf States to return to sea level, and this recommendation would extend all the way to the Mexican border and through Florida.


As we have previously indicated it would be good to have extra food and water on hand, wherever you are located.


We do not see the collective consciousness reaching a place so that the climatic and Earth changes can be stabilized in the near future.


Many of you are currently experiencing an increase in sleep disturbances, waves of irrational thought, and volatile emotions. We do not see these phenomena decreasing in the near future either. As spiritually aware individuals you must find a path through these turbulent times. You are just at the beginning of what is to occur, unless it is mitigated by the elevation of the collective consciousness. Again, we return to the simplicity of appreciation and ecstasy as means to ride through the storm.


We have said much about this previously (please see previous postings), and we will not go into it here, other than to say this: Do not be seduced by the seeming terror of events. They are certainly real. However, succumbing to fear and paranoia will not serve you. Only the higher vibrational fields of emotion and spiritual realization can help.


The “wave mechanics of consciousness” that we addressed earlier (in previous postings), especially in regard to interstellar energies, are on the increase. Indeed, is it as if a bell has been struck and is being struck repeatedly. There are those who say that this bell is the harbinger of the end times and that there is nothing that can be done to stop the purification.


From our perspective there are no certainties, only possibilities and probabilities. And, yes, if the collective vibration does not rise, then you can expect ever intense climatic and Earth changes, but these can be decreased and even averted, even at the 12th hour, for it all has to do with consciousness. Let us say that it would be wise to operate in your life as if this elevation of collective consciousness will not take place. Plan accordingly. And yet even as you plan for your safety and that of your loved ones, make the paradoxical choice to live upward in joy, appreciation, and ecstasy, even if those around you are experiencing horror, sadness, anger and loss. We cannot stress this enough.


It is an act of spiritual mastery to choose a life that is joyful, even in the midst of great difficulty. This passageway, through joy, appreciation, and ecstasy is the only sure way to a higher spiritual vibration. And in the end, it is your vibration that shall determine where you will go and what will happen.


The Hathors