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Biophotonics – Class Handout

Kenyon_Biophotonic-Human_CasewrapThis class handout was given to participants at the Camera Obscura workshop, a Hathor/Arcturian Intensive, which was conducted in May 2014. The recordings from this workshop have been compiled into a set of 8CDs. For more information about this mind-expanding compilation, click here.

Biophotonics Research Resources

Section 1

Scholarly Publications and Scientific Research on Biophotonics
This is by no means a complete survey of scientific resources. Please note, as with many scientific papers, some of these sites offer limited access to those who are not members of the association.

Integrative Biophysics: Biophotonics
Edited by Frtiz-Albert Popp and Lev Beloussov
Kluwer Academic Publishers
This is a highly technical and informative book on the field of Biophotonics by one of the founding researchers of the field.

Leonardo, MIT Press, Technoetic Pathways toward the Spiritual in Art: A Transdisciplinary Perspective on Connectedness, Coherence and Consciousness
Roy Ascott, Research Director

Journal of Alternative and Complimentary Medicine
Bruce D. Curtis and J.J. Hurtak, Consciousness and Information Processing: Uncovering the Foundation for a Medicine of Light, The Journal of Alternative and Complimentary Medicine, Feb. 2004

Salk Institute, WAITT Advanced Biophotonics Center
In addition to research updates and studies, this site has an interesting video called “Seeing Is Believing.”

Stanford University: Biophotonics and Medicine
This site primarily deals with medical applications of Biophotonics.

Biophotonics Lab Website, University of Texas at Austin
Research studies and updates on medical and optical applications of Biophotonics

Section 2

Layperson Friendly and Credible Resources on Biophotonics
The resources below are generally layperson friendly, meaning that they present the material with as little scientific jargon as possible and with minimal scientific background required. Do note that the blogs by Iona Miller, while very detailed and helpful, use more scientific terminology than most of the other resources noted below.

An overview of Biophotonics and the work of Dr. Popp

Further research into Biophotonics

Russian research into DNA and Linguistics based on the work of Dr. Pjotr Garjajev

Biophotonic Human, a Blog by Iona Miller (very interesting mix of science and speculation)

The Biophotonic Brain (more fascinating info from Iona Miller)

Pineal DMT, Iona Miller
A fascinating look at how the Pineal gland produces DMT, a naturally occurring hallucinogenic in the brain and its affects on altered states of consciousness

Biophotonics-Bioenergy Results: The Rhine Center Experiment
This article is based on a study conducted at The Rhine Center on Biophotonics and Qigong. It includes an in-depth look at the energy spectrum in a very straightforward manner and the mechanism by which biophotons are produced.

Energy Healing
The link below will lead you to the section of a website called The Healer’s Bible, which has a vast amount of information about energy healing in general. This specific link is to a section called Energy Healing, which combines scientific studies and conjecture as well as videos on energy healing via biophotons.

Spontaneous Remission and the Placebo Effect
This is a specific link to a section of the Institute of Noetic Sciences website. It provides a wealth of resources including bibliographies on the nature of the placebo effect and its relationship to Spontaneous Remissions. I think this is a very valuable resource with multiple implications for healing including the phenomena of biophotons.


A Short List of Resources for Information about the relationship between nutrition and brain function

What Eating Too Much Sugar Does To Your Brain

This Is Your Brain On Gluten
A good resource on how gluten can affect brain function for some people