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Angel of Blissful Liberation

Normally I wait until a workshop recording has been fully mastered before presenting excerpts in the Listening section.

In this instance I have made an exception because the angelic messenger that sang the chant during The Upper Rooms Intensive on November 10th, asked that this portion of the chant be posted as soon as was realistically possible.  The chant emerged during a waxing phase of the moon for those of you interested in astrological correlations.

This excerpt begins at the exact moment when the angelic messenger started to chant in English. Before I go any further, I will present the words on their own and then follow this with an explanation of the context as it is rather unusual.

In your hands lie the light of your own majesty.

May you rise’d to shine through your mind.

And may jewels descend from the vastness of your heart,

And be a path you may follow forever.  Amun, Amun, Amun

First of all, note that there is no indication of any specific spiritual or religious tradition associated with the blessing itself. This is a dogma-free invocation from a very elevated spiritual plane of perception.

The English part of the chant ends with the words Amun repeated three times, which is a way to energetically “seal” the blessing. I do find it interesting that the word Amun can be be traced back to ancient Egypt and its later form to the word Amen.

The second part of the chant is in what I sometimes refer to as proto-language and others refer to as the language of light. My strong sense of this portion is that it repeats the essence of the blessing that appears in English and then takes it to a very complex multidimensional level of meaning. I find meditating upon and contemplating these sound codes can be a very fruitful and elevating activity.

The understanding of the realm from which the messenger came to give the blessing can be best described, in my opinion, as the view that all things throughout the Multiverse are—in their essence—extraordinary but temporary displays of energy and light. Furthermore, human beings hold within their own deepest natures a direct path that can lead them to enlightened awareness. This type of transcendent knowledge is blissful in nature and leads to liberation from the illusions of duality (i.e., Maya/Samsara).

The blessing has a unique sonic and energetic quality that I find particularly interesting. Its intent was—and is—to impart a blessing for those who choose to move upward in consciousness through the light of their own innate luminosity (i.e., the light of their own minds) and the jewels (i.e., compassion) that originate within their hearts or to be more precise their compassionate natures.

I have listened to this short piece repeatedly and continue to find new levels of information encoded in both the words and the sound codes.

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