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A Planetary Wave of Conscious Ecstasy

8/8/05 | 11:19PM PSTAs the energetics of planetary acceleration increase (see previous postings), we wish to remind you that your emotions may become more volatile and difficult to deal with in the coming months and years. Irrational encounters between strangers, even between friends, loved ones and family members may also increase.

Be especially careful of anger states that can quickly escalate into rage and irrational actions on your part. Navigating your own primal feelings in response to planetary acceleration is crucial if you are to survive and thrive through these times.

The wave-mechanics of accelerated planetary consciousness are not going to decrease as you move into your future. In fact, they are only going to increase.

We would say to you that the responsibility for dealing with these increasingly intense energetics is in your hands, both individually and collectively.

Your challenge in physical third-dimensional reality is that the weft and weave that holds the fabric of your perception together is being shaken at its very roots. Indeed, for some of you, it may feel like “it” (that which holds you together) is being pulled apart. This pulling apart is being experienced on a massive social and cultural level throughout the world.

This pulling apart or “challenging of perception” (both personal and collective) is a result of resistance to the impulse of cosmic energies we mentioned in previous communications. In a very real way you are witnessing a “tug of war” between the tendency of matter to hold on to its structure (molecularly speaking) and the tendency of spiritual energy to re-order structure.

Due to the nature of the cosmic energies entering your galaxy, this inherent tension between spirit and matter is escalating.

Thus the weft and weave of which we speak are not just the threads that hold your human culture and civilization in place. We are also referring to the weft and weave that holds time and space together as you currently experience it. Indeed, the perception of time speeding up is an increasingly common experience among many of you. Please understand that as you move further into your collective future you will find events and situations manifesting into third dimensional reality much more quickly.

Another aspect of the weft and weave of which we speak concerns your ecosystem. The stresses within your biosphere are so intense that many species of plants and animals are becoming extinct on a daily basis. You need look no further than the dire reports coming in from all over the world from your ecological sciences. Despite the massive denial your world civilization seems to be in, may we remind you that you are a part of the Earth’s ecosystem and if too many plants and animals perish, your days shall be numbered.
As a collective human consciousness you must find a way to steward the Earth and protect her and all life. If you are not able to rise to this position of spiritual maturity you will pass into oblivion as have previous cultures who refused to listen to the danger signals of a depleted environment. Your planet’s ancient history is full of them.

The question is, of course, what can you do in the face of such massive problems?

We leave appropriate social and political action to you, for these are your responsibilities, not ours.

It is our responsibility, however, to suggest a course of action that we deem to be worthy of you and your destiny.

We would suggest that you look to higher levels of yourself to find the answers to this query. Specifically, you would do well to look at solutions to your problem from a perspective that is outside the problem. Dealing with a situation at the level of the difficulty is less effective than dealing with it from a more expanded perspective.

In previous communications, we mentioned the need for ecstatic states of consciousness as a means to enter into a larger nesting of energy—specifically those nestings having to do with Earth-based ecstasy, galactic-based ecstasy and intergalactic-based ecstasy. By entering into an awareness of these greater spheres of energy you will gain an understanding that transcends and transforms your own personal egoic-terrestrial-land-locked consciousness. In other words, you will see the world and your position in it with new eyes.

Be very clear that there are forces, which do not want you to see the world in these new ways. They have a vested interest in keeping things the same. They see your liberation as a threat to their power. And indeed, in some ways, this is the case. However, what they don’t realize is that if they fail to raise themselves to a new understanding of human culture and civilization, especially in relation to spirit and the evolution of consciousness they shall lose everything they have so desperately defended.
Spiritual evolution operates by laws that are, in some ways, outside the norm. Should the collective consciousness of humanity fail to rise to a higher level of spiritual maturity and responsibility as stewards for both life and matter, the global situation on Earth will rapidly deteriorate. But for those who have nested themselves in ecstasy and the transcendent nature of Earth-based, galactic-based and intergalactic-based awareness, the future can be quite different from the mass of humanity. This will take place primarily through spiritual communities, which will form all over the planet. Such communities will not necessarily look like you would expect them to. The fundamental principle is not the structure of how a community operates, but rather the vibrational field that it creates and sustains. Such vibrational fields of “coherent life-affirming energy” have a protective quality as well as a beneficial effect upon the local environment.

This ability of vibrational fields applies not only to communities but to individuals as well. Again, we suggest you consciously enter ecstatic states of consciousness, using some of the methods we have given in previous messages. Find ways to live your life in joy and discover ways to avoid the manipulation that is being perpetrated upon you through fear and mis-information.

Another benefit of creating and consciously dwelling in ecstasy and joy is that it will help you counter balance the negative emotional volatility of these times.

An Experiment In Consciousness

We invite you to participate in an experiment which will take place on the fall equinox (beginning at dawn on Sept. 22nd and extending through Sept.25th at 12 midnight).

During this period we invite you to enter into ecstasy as much as possible and then send this ecstasy to the Earth. If you are unable to generate ecstasy, we suggest you read over our previous messages on how to accomplish this task.

By sending ecstasy to the Earth, you will assist yourself and others to enter into a resonance with the Earth. To use a metaphor, she will recognize you if you send her the messenger of ecstasy or joy. These emotive-vibrational-fields created through your feeling nature will stimulate an energetic response from her (Gaia). You can then “ride” so to speak, this energetic response into deeper levels of ecstasy and a greater understanding of your potential destiny as a singular soul and as a collective intelligence.

If you wish to join us in this experiment, take some time during each of these four days to consciously enter into ecstasy. Do something that gives you joy during this period and consciously send your joy into the Earth. How you enter joy or ecstasy is immaterial. If you enjoy meditation, please do so and while in your inner reverie, send your bliss into the Earth. If you prefer to dance your way into ecstasy or sing your way into ecstasy, please do so. If you have pets and feel joy when you are around them, then take some time during these four days and play with them—consciously sending your joy into the Earth. If you garden and are brought into joy by contact with the devic kingdom then we suggest you spend time with your plants or in nature, and consciously send your joy into the Earth. You will find that if you consciously send joy into the Earth for a long enough period, your joy will naturally turn into ecstasy. And as we have said, you can then ride this ecstatic state of mind into communion with the ecstasy of the cosmos. By doing so, you will elevate yourself above the problems facing you and humanity. You will glimpse new possibilities and ways of living.

Do understand that by joining us in this planetary wave of “conscious ecstasy”, you will be assisting all life upon your planet.

The Hathors