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A Message for the Life-Sustainers

Tom Kenyon January 2, 2005
The Big Island, Hawaii

We have been besieged by an unprecedented number of requests from many people for my take on the recent earthquake/tsunami disaster in Asia. Quite frankly, I find such requests a bit unnerving—as if someone might be giving my thoughts more credence than they deserve. In any event, I went into meditation a few days ago to sense what might be in the ethers, so to speak, and in that process I asked the Hathors (who are interdimensional beings I have been working with since the early nineties), what they thought. They told me to go back and read something they had given me seven months earlier. When I did, I was stunned.

The message below is what they gave me last June (2004). It addresses a wide range of issues, including future Earth changes. At the time I found it too disturbing to release to the public. The last thing I wanted to do was add to the New Age glut of Earth prophecies, dooms day scenarios and general millennium madness. I decided, for better or worse, to wait it out, and see if any of what they foresaw actually took place.

Now, as I sit in the pouring rain at Kealakekua Bay in Hawaii, several days after the earthquake and tsunamis in Asia, I am sobered by what the Hathors told me back in June. Given the nature of their message, I wanted to talk about it a little in order to give it a broader context.

For those of you who don’t know who the Hathors are, and would like a little more info, you can hop up onto the web and do a search for Hathors (not to be confused with the Egyptian fertility goddess, Hator—though they are related)*. There are many people now working with the Hathors in one way or another. For the record, I work with thirteen mentors out of an intergalactic/interdimensional civilization of several million (if you accept that mythos).

What I am trying to say here is that this viewpoint is one small cross section of a culture. To say that this message is a message from “The” Hathors, is like saying that a message is from The Hopi. There is no “The Hopi”. There are many individuals making up the Hopi and thus many diverse opinions as to what should, or should not be done. Just look at the recent history of the US government bringing water pipes into the pueblos and you will see what I am talking about. Some Hopi were for the pipes, while others were not—fearing the enslavement of water bills and taxes.

My point is that there is almost always a plethora of opinions, and the Hathors are no different. In this instance, however, at least as far as I can tell, the thoughts expressed by my Group are the consensus opinion of the vast majority of the Hathor culture. There are differing opinions as to the timeline, since—as they have told me repeatedly—the future is not a predetermined certainty but rather a multi-dimensional set of probabilities and possibilities.

I will say this again because I think it is vital to understand in our current situation:

The future is not a predetermined certainty, but rather a multi-dimensional set of probabilities and possibilities.

The message, below, addresses several areas of concern, most notably climatic and Earth changes, but their take, as in so many things, is quite unique. Essentially they are saying that we are in a very dangerous passage in regard to our physical survival, and that, seemingly unknown to us, we collectively hold a key to our survival—if we will only use it.

The key to which they refer is the act of living in ever-increasing levels of appreciation. They have commented on this to me on numerous occasions. The quasi-science on this (meaning this view is theoretical as opposed to being generally accepted by mainstream science) is that our DNA responds to our emotional state (our feelings) and then emits light and energy-patterns that affect matter. In other words, our DNA somehow affects our external reality through a process of vortex mechanics. I am not going to try to describe this here because most people aren’t interested. You can find research reports on this type of thing by doing an internet search on—DNA and consciousness. Especially check out the work of The Heart Math Institute.

In my own personal experiments with appreciation, I have found that when it is experienced for longer than a few minutes, it often produces a hypnotic-type feeling of bliss, which I equate to an increase in endorphins. At the very least, I think most of us would benefit from regular periods of appreciation/bliss in the course of our day-to-day lives.

The challenge for many persons is how to feel appreciation when there is seemingly no reason for it. I have actually addressed this question in a previous letter, when the Hathors gave a message on the importance of this emotion, about a year ago.

I think we are facing a collective and global intelligence test. If we fail to wake up in time to our power as creator-gods, taking both action and responsibility, knowing that our consciousness affects external events, we will pass into oblivion—much like the dinosaurs of old and integrity in government. We are in a time of immense chaos and transformation. Interestingly, the Chinese word for transformation consists of two ideograms—both danger and opportunity. Unquestionably, we live in dangerous times. I don’t think anyone would deny that. And the evolutionary task, I think, is for each of us to find the opportunities and take the actions to transform ourselves even in the midst of life’s increasing dangers. It would be far easier to contract into ourselves and re-treat from the world, but I think that would be a grave mistake—literally.

To make things ever more daunting, we are living in the midst of a dying world, both literally and figuratively. Just read the latest scientific reports on the condition of the ecosystem, including the melting of the polar ice caps, and it becomes crystal clear what dire shape things are in. But the death of our world also includes the collapse of our modern ways of living because, quite frankly, they are unsustainable. It hurts both the Earth and its inhabitants.

So what will the new world look like on the other side of this metaphorical (or perhaps literal) death? I don’t think anyone really knows for sure.

What the Hathors say is that we collectively hold a key to our own survival and destiny.

The question is whether we will wake up in time to use it.

Final Thoughts on Pragmatism

I am a practical person and I don’t usually go for things that are too-pie-in-the-sky, so when the Hathors’ suggested that appreciation is the key for changing destiny, I hesitated.

I mean how many of us will it take living in appreciation to tip the gyroscopic balance of our destiny in favor of our collective survival? And just how many hours a day does it require to be in appreciation to be effective?

To be honest, I can’t sustain a continual state of this emotion for more than a few hours. Something always comes along to blow it. So I find myself having to regroup my mental carnival from time to time in order to re-enter the appreciative state. But when I do, it is well worth the effort. And that may be the main reason for this mental/emotional discipline—it increases wellbeing.

I don’t really know if we can tip the collective scale. I don’t mean to be a pessimist, but it is in my nature. Actually I am a strange bird, an odd mix of optimist and fatalist. I usually reside somewhere in the middle, though something can send me flying to one side or the other, like the pendulum on an old grandfather clock. But usually I just hang somewhere midway between up and down. I am the kind of guy who, when he sees a glass of water, sees it neither half full, nor half empty. It simply is.

And that’s how I see things currently in the world—it just is. Yes, I know that last sentence was technically a grammatical error. I say this for the benefit of those grammarian souls who live just for the opportunity to pounce upon a misplaced participle or whatever. Sometimes we need to abandon the rules in order to make a point. And quite frankly, I think that freedom of expression should take precedence over rules and grammarian dogma—when it is needed. In a similar vein, I think we will collectively need to abandon some of the rules we have been given on how to live a life—like not making waves and pretending that everything is alright and that we can continue to live like we are used to. If we don’t change how we are living on this planet (both in terms of outer action and inner feelings) I suspect that soon we will not have a life worth living.

So what is this isness of our world right now? Chaos. No doubt about it. Things are up in the air all over the place, and life is becoming increasingly surreal as we move closer to that mythic, often hyped, Mayan end-of-the-world-as-we-knew-it party (2012 or thereabouts, though some people are quibbling over the actual date and what it means).

On a bad day (when fatalism reigns supreme in my inner kingdom) I look at the world and wonder, what the—to use a grand old word from the King’s English—f__k is going on. I mean can we humans really be that stupid? Well, evidently yes. And on these glum days I see little hope for any movement up the evolutionary ladder. In fact, when I see the rampant stupidity going on around (and to be honest, sometimes inside) me, I think we will be forever set-back a grade and never graduate from Middle School—or is it Elementary?

Then on those wondrous optimistic days I look at the chaos of the world and know that chaos is actually a highly creative state. Anything can happen. Unpredictable miracles can and do occur (along with horrors, but that’s another story). The point is that we are in a highly volatile time and the course of events can change in a moment’s notice. I pray for this change of course every day, and in my optimistically flavored moments, I see reasons to hope that it shall be so.

But whatever the outcome, the show isn’t over. And it won’t be over—to use George Carlin’s politically correct turn of phrase—until the weight challenged lady sings!

I guess what I want to say personally here, to answer those people who have asked for my take on the current state of affairs—is to enjoy your life more. Find things to appreciate and practice senseless moments of appreciation just for the heck of it. It will help make you more creative, resourceful and intelligent and less of a stick-in-the-mud and evolutionary slacker. And who knows, maybe if enough of us try it, we just might tip the scales in favor of our survival as a species.

And now here is what the Hathors had to say in early June, 2004. Remember, the truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off, or scare the shit out of you. Have a great life and keep smiling!

A Message for the Life Sustainers A Message from the Hathors through Tom Kenyon

June 21, 2004

You are at a pivotal point in the fulcrum of consciousness. Your earth is about to undergo a purification the likes of which have not been seen for 26,000 years. The timelines of this would have been sooner were it not for the intervention of beings in many realms and the efforts of what you call light workers, which we view as “life sustainers.”

There is a highly catalytic energy coming from deep space, which is striking the Great Central Sun (of your galaxy) and the Sun of your solar system. Your Sun is experiencing immense changes in its magnetic field, and this is, in turn, affecting the magnetic field of your Earth. This is altering many dynamic systems on your planet including, but not limited to, the oceanic conveyer belt. This deep-space energy that is affecting both the Sun and your Earth is essentially an energy of accelerating self-awareness and spiritual evolution. The universe (or at least this part of it) is waking up to itself in new and different ways. And this process of increased self-awareness is speeding things up, so to speak. It is important to realize that what looks like a disturbance at one level of consciousness can be seen as a catalyst at another level.

Whether life is allowed to continue on this planet or not, will be decided collectively through a reaction to the choices you make as humanity. If the collective is able to receive these energies from deep space and make an evolutionary and spiritual leap, the disturbance of the electromagnetic fields, specifically the magnetic poles, will not affect the conveyer belt the way that it is now. Think of yourself as living on a giant gyroscope. The slightest movement of a gyroscope creates tremendous movement in the rings of the gyroscope, the stabilizing rings. So the gyroscope of Earth is fluctuating, but this fluctuation can be expressed as physical manifestation, or as elevations of consciousness. But if the collective consciousness of this Earth does not elevate quick enough, then the gyroscope will simply transfer the energy to the physical dimension, specifically the magnetic poles and the magnetic field, which, in turn, affects the conveyer belt. If the conveyer stops, life, as you know it, will become very difficult or end altogether, quickly. We would say to you that you are very close to this point.

As to weather, expect increasingly turbulent storms of greater strength and amplitude. We wish to convey to you a clear understanding that these storms are an out-picturing of the violence, the misdirected energy, and the imbalance of human consciousness. If, somehow, enough individual consciousnesses within the collective are able to elevate themselves into the fifth or higher dimensions of consciousness, the energies from deep space will be integrated through the process of elevation.

If, collectively, you are not able to attain this, these energies will affect the physical aspect of Earth’s gyroscope, to use that metaphor. And life as you know it and have experienced it will be very difficult due to climatic and Earth changes. You are about to see a tremendous increase in geothermal activity, including volcanoes and earthquakes. You are already seeing a tremendous increase in tornadoes and this will only escalate. The hurricanes that will be coming in the next year and the years to follow will make previous hurricanes seem like a gentle breeze.

So let us summarize the first idea we wish to convey. The impulse for increased consciousness is flowing from deep space, striking your Sun, and affecting the subtle energies of your earth. If humanity is able to rise to a level of spiritual mastery these affects will be decreased, transmuted, and become a source for further elevation.

If humanity is not able to attain this, then the physical act of purification must take place—simply because energy cannot be destroyed. We are not alarmists. This message is not intended to create distress, but rather to create awareness of the need for taking care of yourself and your loved ones in specific ways.

There are two areas of action we suggest. The first has to do with spiritual preparation and the second has to do with physical survival. From the standpoint of yourselves as souls, it is immaterial whether your present embodiment continues or not. Spiritual preparation means to prepare for the possibility of your death through a recommitment to your life—to living and choosing what is essential for ever-increasing experiences of appreciation and joy. It sounds odd, but following your deepest sense of joy will lead you to be in the places where you will most likely survive, should the Earth go into a period of purification.

Spiritual preparation also includes clearing away the obstructions between you and your own psychic knowing, and being willing to move in an instant’s notice, and a willingness to move even if those around you insist on remaining where they are. Should the Earth go into its travail of purification, you must be prepared to follow your own inner knowing, for that is the only compass you will have, both literally and figuratively. In terms of physical survival, at the very least, you will need to obtain and store food and emergency supplies, including water and warm clothing, even if you live currently in a mild to tropical environment. Get to know your friends and neighbors, for it may require a level of cooperation you are not used to, in order to physically survive the purification. Even if outright catastrophe is averted, there will be a radical increase in aberrant weather and possible challenges to food production.

Finally we would say to begin a discipline of connecting with your spiritual aspect, in whatever ways you find most effective. You will want to strengthen these connections, for if the Earth enters into travail, there will be much chaos and many voices from those in distress and in confusion, and you will need to have access to your innermost self—to the small silent voice within—to tell you where to go and what to do, and sometimes that may mean going nowhere and doing nothing.

For those living within the US, know that you are being lied to, both politically and economically. It is not our focus to discuss these issues facing you. Anyone interested in such things can find the information. Let us just say that it is quite possible that the US economy will falter within the next year or two. Simple logic and common sense are your allies here. Preparing for a possible economic downturn means to become financially self-reliant. Should this occur, you will find that life gets much simpler. For one who has achieved a detachment from their monetary expectations, the devaluing of money will be a difficulty, to be sure, but not an emotional and spiritual catastrophe.

Build your house upon solid ground, not the shifting sands. And in this case, the shifting sands are your monetary system. The solid ground is your connection to your own God-Self, to the spiritual dimensions where you dwell, even as you live on Earth.

Finally we wish to say to you that as difficult as the challenges are, you are still the Masters of your destiny, although you slumber in forgetfulness. If you are to survive you must awaken. In our world we have a ritualistic object. It is made of the finest gold that has been culled from the ninth dimension. In this box there are three symbolic stones. We refer to this box as the Ark of Humanity, as a symbol for that which will carry you (humanity) into a new dimension.

The three stones represent the three within humanity. There are those who would rather kill and die than awaken to the truth of themselves as Creator Gods. They remain asleep, though dangerous, since they sleepwalk and appear to be like everyone else. These are the people of the first stone.

The second stone represents those who do not wish to be bothered; do not wish to change how they live life. They are not particularly violent, just numb.

The third stone represents those who are awakening and have awakened to themselves as Creator Gods, understanding that they are responsible for their aspect of Creation and who willingly accept the responsibility of living upward through joy and harmony in a world so full of conflict.

The Ark of Humanity holds all three stones, and if the Ark of Humanity is to carry the entire collective into the fifth dimension and beyond, it must carry all three stones. The task for collective transmutation rests upon the shoulders of those of the third stone. Even though you are late in the hour (so to speak), total catastrophe can be averted. Ironically
it has more to do with how the third stone of humanity chooses to live their life. If you succumb to the emotions of fear and horror, the Ark of Humanity will not be carried into the fifth dimension and beyond, because the purification will destroy most life on Earth. If this occurs, you will simply find that you will return to the spiritual realm according
to the level of your development and spiritual attainment.

So we speak not to the first or second stones, for they cannot hear us; although their eyes may see these words or their ears hear the words, they will not comprehend. This is for those of you of the third stone. You know who you are. For you will have been electrified by what you have just read.

We bow to you, the protectors and the guardians of the human spirit. We bow to you, sages and masters, for your spiritual courage to have incarnated upon this Earth at this time. Live more fully. Laugh more heartily. Forgive more completely. You are the Masters of your destiny. Be Happy.

The Hathors